In which Shahrukh Khan is detained in a New York airport


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What I wrote in November.

In which I don’t like a book by one of the most respected Indian writers of our time.


In India, the word “Maoist” is thrown around like “terrorist” in America. Anyone who fits the profile–physical, geographic, socioeconomic–falls into the Maoist bucket, just another drop in the undercurrent of revolution flowing through the subcontinent. While some Americans peg people as terrorists for their looks and supposed faith, many Indians imagine that anyone who fights the system, for better pay or food or civil liberties, is a Maoist, no matter their actual political affiliation.

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Zoom zoom.


Indian millionaires, take note: Lamborghini plans to open a second dealership in your country before 2011 crosses the finish line. The luxury supercar maker hopes the new stores will “meet increased demand for cars including the 36.9-million rupee $750,600 Aventador, said Mohan Mariwala, managing director of Lamborghini Mumbai,” according to Bloomberg.

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