Inspired Recipe: Chicken Mandu Dumplings and a Trio of Dipping Sauces

What is a mother if not the heart and soul of a family? She is a nourisher, a provider, a caretaker, a comforter. Her family turns to her for love and support. In Please Look After Mom, the titular character is a source of comfort, an anchor for her family, strong on the outside but full of love. As the point of view changes with each passing chapter, so does the way we see Mom. She changes, you see, in the context of her daughter, her son, and her husband. That’s why I put together this dish—with the soft, plump mandu dumpling representing Mom, and each of the dipping sauces representing her daughter, son and husband.

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In which I draw ingredients freehand and am pleased with the results.

Everyone says they have the ultimate chai recipe, but whose technique really takes top honors? To find out, we had readers submit their personal recipes and tested a variety of them to come up with this glorious concoction. Inspired by your submissions, this is an amalgam of the best ingredients and methods we were given. As healthy, easy chais go, this can’t be beat.

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