Why Movie Theater Leaders NCM Media Gave Twitter Amplify a Shot

Brands now have a new way to approach video advertising on Twitter, thanks to a new product called Amplify that was launched on May 23. Between hashtags, live-tweeting, and interacting with actors, Twitter has become a breeding ground for conversations about television and movies. In fact, social TV analytics firm Bluefin Labs reports that 95% of real-time conversation about TV happens on Twitter.

Having made substantial headway in the second-screen battle with fans, Twitter is now aiming to woo advertisers with Amplify. Using this product, sponsored tweets will feature video content preceded by short clips from various advertisers.

To start, Twitter tested Amplify with sports content through its partnership with ESPN. An early example of this sort of advertising was an instant replay clip of a Roy Hibbert block, tweeted by@NBA. Another example — a five-second promo for the Will Smith movie “After Earth” — led into a 36-second video and included a follow button for the movie’s Twitter account.

Media companies and publishers are well-suited to this kind of advertising due to the nature of their content. Indeed, early collaborations with BBC AmericaFOXFuse and The Weather Channelexemplified this. Today, Twitter’s list of Amplify partners numbers almost 20, including NCM Media Networks, with its handle @NCMNews.

We spoke with Cliff Marks, president of sales and marketing at NCM to learn more about why his company took an early chance with Twitter Amplify.

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