How Two Top Marketers Leverage Twitter #Music

On April 18, Twitter launched a new app called #Music, a standalone discovery engine that analyzes all the music data shared across the network every day. Feeding off users’ tweets and engagement, #Music offers charts based on buzz, along with profiles of up-and-coming artists and musicians whom users follow on Twitter.

Celebrities and musicians such as Ryan Seacrest, Ne-Yo and Blake Shelton were among those who got pre-launch access to the app, and they were effusive with their support on Twitter. The anticipation their support built contributed to the app’s debut at number five on the App Store chart; it even hit the top spot on the music apps list.

Since then, however, growth has slowed. Possible reasons for the decline in downloads could be that the app is only available on the web or iOS — but this is sure to change soon. Rdio or Spotify accounts are also needed to listen to full tracks, which could limit casual users experimenting with the #Music app. However, as you’ll see, continued support from the music industry and expansion to other mobile platforms makes #Music worth your time — and opens the door to smart marketers.

We chatted with Alyssa McClusky of DreamLocal, an internet marketing agency, and Joseph Havey, an account manager at Shelten Media, LLC, to get their thoughts on the marketing opportunities that Twitter #Music presents.

Read on to find out what some of those opportunities are by clicking here.