How support, networking and communication give women in tech a lift

Even a nudge can make all the difference to a fledgling entrepreneur. That was clear Wednesday evening as panelists addressed questions about entrepreneurship at LiftUp&UpLift, an event targeted toward women in technology, at the GeneXus USA office in Chicago.

The more experienced panelists — GeneXus co-founder and CTO Veronica Buitron, ProofX CEO Dima Elissa and Dough CEO Kristi Ross — answered most of the questions while Francesca Kress, founder and CEO of fashion app Tippity, listened and observed. Deep into the conversation, Elissa extended an arm to Kress, encouraging her to get involved.

Kress, 26, then gave the audience advice about networking.

“You only need a little experience to help someone below you,” Kress said.

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